Monday, December 31, 2012


Assalamualaikum, happy new year to all of you..goodbye 2012 say hello to 2013, time spnning like a wheel, more faster we press the accelarator pedal, more faster time to leave us. With a thousand and one memories, regardless in term of history of love, challenges in studying in UUM campus, loyalty, betrayal and conflict within the meaning of friendship. 2013 in my thought, just increasing age, life's challenges is getting stronger and and getting closer to facing the real creator.

Within the meaning of friendship, 2012 teach me more about the meaning of true friend, who is sincere, who is just sweet talk in front and friend who just need us when they are in trouble. 

What can i say,

"Ada dulu kawan kita rapat kini jadi tak rapat, ada yang dulu kita tak rapat kini jadi rapat....."

That mean here, 

"Your friend  now is not necessarily your friend in 10 or 20 years later, once the flood,  once coastal change. so .. wider our brotherhood"

Thanks to all my friends, who are willing to be friends with me. Without you all my life is not like a rainbow, always cheerful when viewed.. Really appreciate it... -HAPPY NEW YEAR - 2013-

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